Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Announcements for the Upcoming Fall 2013 Semester!

Hello all!  Summer is coming to an end and as we prepare for the upcoming Fall 2013 semester there are a few announcements!

First of all -- we've changed our name!  The university-wide graduate student organization (GSO) is now called the Graduate Student Association (GSA) so we have followed suit and have been officially renamed the Educational Psychology and Methodology Recognized Graduate Student Association (RGSA).  However!  We are not going back and changing everything that used to say RGSO to RGSA and it will probably take time for some of us to get used to the new name and still use the old name.  So just don't be confused if you see it referred to one way over the other....they are the same thing.

Second -- we are holding elections for our 2013-2014 eboard members at the Ed Psych division orientation next week (August 28th) which means nominations are now currently open!  To nominate someone please fill out this survey which should take no more than 5 minutes to complete by this Friday 8/23!  All of the positions are described in the survey.  (Note:  additional positions like Social Web Manager, Listserv manager, Community Service Chair, etc. will be discussed at the orientation)

Third -- if you haven't already...check out the events at ITLAL (Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Leadership).  They offer some really great classes/seminars/workshops for graduate teaching assistants and faculty.  Here is a link to their website:  ITLAL.  I just recently attended a great workshop on how to incorporate Blackboard into your classroom and there are others coming up that will be very helpful and informative so check out the website and events.  I highly encourage you all to use ITLAL as a resource!

Classes begin Monday August 26th!  Can't wait to see everyone on campus!

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