Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome to the Spr 2012 Semester!

Hello Ed-Psychers!

Hope you've all enjoyed your breaks and are ready to tackle a new semester filled once again, with many intellectually stimulating events. Here's a little recap of what we did last semester, followed by an overview of what's in store for you this semester!

The Brown Bag events in Fall 2011 were simply amazing, with the wealth of knowledge that faculty members and fellow colleagues openly shared....a lively discussion about self-regulated learning with Drs. Sig Tobias and Heidi Andrade; a heated discussion on the parenting styles of Tiger Moms with Drs. Joan Newman and David Dai; an informative presentation on growth and value-added modeling with Zach Warner; and an inspiring panel discussion on grant writing with Drs. Debi May, Bruce Saddler and Kristie Saddler. Additionally, the annual Apple Picking Fall Picnic was held in collaboration with the Turkish Student Association at Indian Ladder Farms and Thatcher State. Alongside, the RGSO also organized a "Help Schoharie" community service to collect school supply donations. Whew, a lot eh?!

Expect no less this semester, as our RGSO has made plans for more exciting events...including a future peer review session, giving a place for students to share and talk about research ideas; a session on collective knowledge with Dr. Zhang; a presentation on academic writing process with Drs. Saddler; and revisiting the heated discussion on Tiger Moms with Drs. Joan Newman and David Dai. As for a more non-academic event, there's a movie night in the planning!

Well, that's about all for now...stay tuned for specifics (so don't forget to check back here soon!)

P.S. Oh...the next time you see an RGSO member, stop them and give them a thanks..for all their hard work in making these experiences and opportunities possible!