Thursday, February 27, 2014

Recap of Fall 2013 Events!

Educational Psychology and Methodology RGSO Brown Bag #1: Following Up Think Aloud Studies 9/18/13
Dr. Sigmund Tobias, an eminent research professor at UAlbany, and doctoral student Fei Chen have been conducting research on cognitive readiness to deal with the unexpected.  Fei presented results of a “think aloud” study which was investigating the cognitive processes involved in adapting to unexpected events.  Preliminary results suggest that internal cognitive checking and persistence in problem solving might be key cognitive processes in dealing with the unexpected.  The brown bag provided a forum for students and faculty to learn about this research area and then discuss how to follow up think aloud studies with more experimentally oriented research.

Educational Psychology and Methodology RGSO Brown Bag #2: Research and Educational Technology 10/16/13
Dr. Tobias returned for our second brown bag along with Dr. Fletcher from the Institute for Defense Analysis to discuss the impact and effectiveness of educational technology.  More specifically, the research focused on computer tutors and learning.  Educational technology allows for more individualization of education at a lower cost.  After comparing the cost to increase math achievement by 1 standard deviation, it was cheaper to implement computer based instruction than extending the school day or reducing class size.  Digital tutoring leads to students attempting more problems at every difficulty level with greater probability of success.  Cost projections showed that implementing digital tutoring could save millions of dollars over time.

Educational Psychology and Methodology RGSO Brown Bag #3:  The Three Paradigms of Gifted Education 11/20/13
At our final brown bag of the fall semester, Dr. Dai posed three questions:  What is the state of gifted education in the US?  How do we develop programs and services that are theoretically coherent, practical, and viable?  What issues need to be resolved through research and consensus building?  A history of gifted education was presented along with the three paradigms of gifted education:  1) the gifted child paradigm, 2) the talent development paradigm, and 3) the differentiation paradigm.  

Educational Psychology and Methodology RGSO Fall Outing: Apple Picking and Picnic at Thacher Park 10/20/13
On Sunday, October 20, 2013, we spent the afternoon apple picking at Indian Ladder Farms followed by a picnic at Thacher Park.  

Educational Psychology and Methodology RGSO Social Event: “Race to Nowhere” Movie Night 11/8/13
We watched an educational documentary on November 8, 2013 called “Race to Nowhere” followed by an informed discussion about personal experiences with homework and school in the United States and other countries.  Also discussed was how schools and society put a lot of pressure on performance in and outside of school and how there is a need to redefine success in society.  This was a fun and informative event!