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A New Undergraduate Program is in the Making!
Early in 2013, the School of Education’s Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology received a 2020 grant for the proposal of a new undergraduate degree in Human Development. Throughout the Fall of 2013, our faculty and staff within the School of Education, with contributions from other departments campus wide, have been working together to develop our first ever Bachelor’s of Science major in Human Development. The mission is to offer undergraduate students an interdisciplinary program that explores the psychological, social, cultural, and biological facets of human development across the lifespan.  The new program will be housed in the department of Educational Psychology and Methodology.

The department also received funding to hire new faculty to support the Human Development program. We would like to welcome Yenisel Gulatee, the newly hired Academic and Administrative Coordinator for the Human Development program. Yenisel will be playing an important role in collaborating with our faculty and staff to get the program approved. Concurrently, searches are taking place to hire new professors specializing in related fields for the program. All students are invited and encouraged to attend the interviews, so keep a lookout for email invitations to these interviews! - Jessica Lamendola

Congratulations to Our Newest Graduates! A few of our fellow colleagues have recently defended and passed the dissertation phase. Congratulations!  Here are their names and dissertation titles:

Ø  Nicole Bak (August 2013) Best practices in programs for children with emotional behavioral disorders
Ø  Laura Ficarra Kissel (August 2013) Teachers’ knowledge of competency with evidence-based classroom management practices
Ø  Jane Rodd (August 2013) The relationship between self-determination, achievement goal orientation, and satisfaction with the learning experience: Working with adult lifelong learners
Ø  Joan Swanson (August 2013) Emerging adults: Analysis of learning patterns in collegiate classrooms
Ø  Zachary Warner (December 2013) Comparison of expert and student-based cognitive models: Validity evidence for an examination in integrated algebra
Ø  Alexander Wind (December 2013) Two text-based interventions on rigid problem solving in the Water Jugs test

Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Ed Psych RGSO officers!
President: Hirah Mir 
VP: Chris Valle 
Secretary: Julie Slichko
Treasurer: Justin Chase
Representatives: Yue (Vicki) Lu and David Bogin

Social Web Master: Holly Meredith
Community Service Chair:  Jessica Lamendola
Listserv Manager: Diana Akhmedjanova

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and voted!


 Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Ed Psych RGSO officers!
President: Angela Lui
VP: Mary Beth Arcidiacono
Secretary: Hirah Mir
Treasurer: Jenna McLain
    Justin Chase
    Holly Meredith
    Jessica Lamendola
    Shufen Wang
    Fusun Sahin

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and voted!


Our Division RGSO's 2011-2012 Elected Officers!

Introducing the officers of our division's RGSO for the 2011-2012 academic year!

Mary Beth Arcidiacono (President)
Fei Chen (Vice-President)
Jenna McLean (Treasurer/Secretary)
Christopher Valle (Listserv)
Angela Lui (Website)
Quan Chen, Shuyi Gua, Stella Xian Li, Shufen Wang (Representatives)

Thank you and congratulations to these individuals!


Vellutino Named Distinguished Professor

Frank Vellution
On June 3, 2011, Dr. Frank Vellutino was awarded the rank of Distinguished Professor by the State University of New York (SUNY) Board of Trustees. The Distinguished Professorship is a system-wide recognition of the scholarship of SUNY's most exceptional and accomplished faculty. It is bestowed upon those who have achieved national or international distinction and a prominent reputation within a chosen field. Congratulations Dr. Vellutino!
For UAlbany's complete news release, click here

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