The Educational Psychology and Methodology RGSO is a student-run, common ground organization for the current and past students, faculty, and staff of the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology within the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology in the School of Education at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

As a Recognized Graduate Student Organization (RGSO), we:
  • organize scholarly meetings and colloquia,
  • keep current and past students connected, and
  • maintain a vibrant link between faculty and students.
Our activities and events are open to anyone who is interested in the division and/or the discipline of educational psychology free of charge, unless otherwise is noted.

Among the events the RGSO organizes, the annual poster session is one of the highlights, where students from the School of Education are invited to present their research studies in a friendly and supportive environment.  We also hold Brown Bag presentations usually three times a semester which allow students, faculty, and researchers from UA and other universities and organizations to share their knowledge and engage in intellectual conversations with the university community.  Recently we have increased our community service efforts participating in Relay for Life and hosting various donation drives for various local community organizations.  We collaborate with other organizations on campus such as ITLAL, Kappa Delta Pi, and SEAchange to plan some great events!
Mission of Group:  The Educational Psychology and Methodology Graduate Student Organization of the University at Albany was created to address the need for graduate students to have the means and opportnities to congregate at events promoting both social and educational development, as well as promoting advocacy for the graduate students as a special population within the University.  Its purpose is to unite and represent the graduate students in the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology and enhance the educational experience of its students through the planning of activities such as information sessions, Brown Bags, research presentations, professional development, panel discussions, community building and social events.
Membership Requirements: All currently enrolled Ed Psych graduate students at the University at Albany as well as others who want to participate and who pay the GSA activity fee or have had the fee waived by the GSA are considered members of this organization.  
Meeting Frequency: The Ed Psych RGSO officers meet several times throughout the semester to plan events and discuss organizational objectives and progress.  Email the Ed Psych RGSO (edpsygso@albany.edu) to find out when the meetings are!  The meetings are open to anyone!