Thursday, July 29, 2010

Test Library

The Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology maintains a test library of educational and psychological testing materials. The materials held in our test library include

• achievement, aptitude, intelligence, reading, and personality tests.
• reference resources (e.g., the Mental Measurement Yearbook and The Test Critiques);
• statistics and measurement books;

The Test Library materials are available for use by both staff and students.

Location: ED - B11

Open Hours: The test library operates under an ‘on demand’ system in which the library is only opened by appointment.

If you are interested in borrowing tests or books during the semester, or if you would like a consultation, please contact our head test librarian at edtestlib AT to set up an appointment. We will be responsive to your requests as we aim to facilitate your use of the library materials and your understanding of the relevant concepts.

Additional information about our test library is on the website