Monday, March 4, 2013

Brown Bag: There Is No 'I' In Measurement, But There Should Be, A call for assessment literacy

On February 20, 2013 Zach Warner gave a presentation as part of our Ed Psych RGSO Brown Bag series.  It's great to see our fellow PhD students stepping up and doing these kinds of presentations for our department, faculty, and undergrads!  Zach is known in our department as being the "testing and measurement" guy and works for the New York State Education Department.  He was entertaining as always during his presentation where he talked about what ed measurement is, who uses it, and the need for a comprehensive assessment system.  This topic isn't just important to psychometricians, test developers, and psychologists.  Teachers, administrators, students, other school personnel and education stakeholders, even employers and parents should know about measurement and assessment.  Zach also talked about designing assessments, assessment driven instruction, and assembling an assessment toolkit (see picture below).  Thank you Zach for coming to speak to us!  It was very informative and engaging.  Any questions for him should be directed to our RGSO president Angela: