Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall 2009 Events

Sept 2 Wed
Annual Division Orientation
1:00–3:00 pm, ED 335

Sept 16 Wed
"Knowing what you know and don't know, and when to seek help"
Dr. Sigmund Tobias, Educational Psychology
12:00-1:30pm, ED 335

Oct 3 Sat
2009 Fall Outing, Apple-picking, Hiking, and a BBQ
Indian Ladder Farm and Thatcher Park

Oct 14 Wed
"Fostering Independence Among Older Struggling Readers"
Lynn Gelzheiser, Associate Professor, Educational Psych/Special Education
12:00-1:30pm, ED 335

Nov 4 Wed
"Grants 101: A Basic Overview"
Sara Anderson, Assistant Director, Albany Institute for Research in Education
11:30-1:00pm, ED 335

Nov 18 Wed
"Why Educational Researchers Should Care About Defense Research and Development"
Dexter Fletcher, Institute of Defense Analyses
11:30-1:00pm, ED 335