Friday, June 21, 2013

Loyola's School of Education Dean Joshua Smith Returns to Alma Matter To Speak

After completing his Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD at the University at Albany, Joshua Smith has moved up in the world of academia and is now Dean of Education at Loyola University.  As a graduate from the Educational Psychology and Methodology program we were very excited that he could take time out of his busy schedule to return to UAlbany as a guest speaker at our Poster Session (see previous post).  It was great to see that an alumnus from our program has been so successful and comes back to the department events to impart his knowledge, experiences, and advice to the rest of us.  He spoke about the process of getting a job in academia from the very basics (e.g. how to build up a CV, ask for letters of recommendation and write a cover letter) to how to interview and give research talks and negotiating the position and salary.  It is important to know the institution:  What are their expectations for research?  What is involved in the annual review?  What is the institution's culture and how can I be a part of it?  Other advice:  find mentors (at least 3: 1 at the local level, 1 outside your program, and 1 community-based mentor), go to job talks, visit the campus, go to the campus as early as you can, write every day, tell people when you have writer's block, attend teaching enhancement workshops because they show excellence in teaching, and finally...don't mow your own lawn (aka buy yourself as much time as possible!).  It was priceless advice from someone who used to be one of us - which I'm not sure about anyone else but it definitely has given me hope that there is light at the end of this long PhD tunnel. Dean Smith was very engaging, encouraging, inspiring and we are so thankful he was our guest speaker!  

 Dean Joshua Smith and the Ed Psych RGSO president Angela Lui
Dean Joshua Smith and the Ed Psych department

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